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Version 2.0 – Creating Static Contact Lists and Broadcasts from your PowerSchool Integrated Data

Alert Solutions’ New Static List option enables PowerSchool users to create and then either share or mark as private contact lists based on the data synced between the two systems. You can also use this feature to develop broadcasts to a select list of contacts from your integrated data.

Tip!  Teachers can also use the New Static List option to build custom lists and/or develop targeted teacher messaging to selected student contacts from their student data as part of their Teacher Messaging. 

Start by clicking on the Contacts link in the top navigation menu:


New Static List

Once you are in the Contacts section, click on New Static List under the Lists tab.


From this screen, you can select up to 500 individual contacts for a static list selection, using the wild card selection field:

 Type in your desired information into the blank wildcard box where you will enter free-form items, and click Search:

  • Filter by Account: Choose if this list is to apply to Any Account, This Account, or to a specific school to which you are mapped. Please note that Filter by Account will only include additional building names if you are signed in at the district level.

Select the desired contact(s) from the subscriber count by using the checkbox selection on the left-hand side. Your subscriber count selection will update.

Continue to search for contacts and selecting from the wildcard box using Search

View Selection:

To view the selection of subscribers, click on View Selection

To add additional contacts, click on Show All Results, and continue to search using the above instructions.


You will have the option to develop a new contact list or to send a one-time broadcast to the chosen contacts:

Option 1: Provide a List Name and IVR Code

From the top of the screen, you can develop a new contact list from the chosen contacts:


  • Choose a List Name
  • Choose an available numeric IVR Code that you will be able to remember.

Tip! Some clients choose to keep lists sequential while others distinguish based on numeric values that they will easily remember.

Finally, press the Save button to save your list

Your list will appear in the list of Contacts and is now available for use in creating your next multi-channel messaging in Alert Solutions!

For information on using your contact lists in sending multi-channel messages in 2.0, click here

To edit your contact lists, choose the Edit button and follow the above steps to revise your contact list

Option 2: Send Broadcast

If you wish to send a broadcast to the selected contacts without saving a contact list, choose the Send Broadcast button.  

Upon choosing this option, a reminder box will appear to remind you that you have an unsaved selection. You can choose to save the list at this time, send without saving the list, or you can return to search for additional contacts by choosing, “Do Nothing Right now.”

 If you choose Send without saving this list, you will be redirected to the Create New Message screen, and you will see your selected contacts as the first available list option.


You will be able to send your message to these selected contacts, only, or to those selected contacts plus any additional lists using your PowerSchool integrated data.

For information on using your contact lists in sending multi-channel messages in 2.0, click here

You have now successfully created Static Contact Lists and Broadcasts from your PowerSchool Integrated Data.

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