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Version 2.0 – PowerTeacher Messaging: Sample Letter to Introduce Teacher Messaging

You are ready to roll-out teacher messaging throughout your district or school system,  but you need additional resources to introduce and promote use of this cutting-edge approach to school communication and parent engagement? We’re here to help!

Sample Letter to Teachers:

Click here to download this file.


Hello [First Name]:


[District Name/School Name] is pleased to announce the partnership with Alert Solutions to provide PowerTeacher integrated messaging capabilities.  This solution provides the ability for you to send messages to your classes to improve school communication and parent engagement.


You can use this solution to communicate a variety of subjects, such as:


·        Class Assignments

·        Field Trip Permission Slips

·        Student Evaluations

·        Progress Updates

·        Student Schedules

·        Content Distribution


Getting Started:


1.    Log-in to PowerTeacher at [URL] with your PowerTeacher user name and password.


 2. Click the Alert Solutions 2 link on your left navigation.  Please login with the following credentials:


User name: [User Name]

Password: [Password] 



Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to update your default settings.  To learn how to update your default settings, please click here.


For consistency across the district/school system, please use the following:


Email From:  [Preferred Email From address]

Email Reply To:  [Preferred Email Reply To address]

Display Name:  [Name of School]

Caller ID:  [Insert School Number]


Once you have signed in with this method, and after the next nightly sync (based on timing of your sign-in) between our PowerSchool data and Alert Solutions 2, you will be able to view as available lists your classes where you are the lead teacher.


Tip!  Please allow 24 hours for this process to complete.  After 24 hours, access the system a second time to begin actively using  Alert Solutions 2.


For information on how to create a message using PowerTeacher Messaging, click here. For information on using a hand selection of students to target for parent/guardian communication versus choosing an entire class, click here.


You are also encouraged to attend the “PowerSchool Integration: Teacher Messaging” session offered by Alert Solutions. Please sign up via and choose training type “PowerSchool Integration: Teacher Messaging.”


If you have additional questions or need additional assistance with Teacher Messaging, please contact Alert Solutions directly at (800) 929-1643 x1, or submit a ticket via email to .  


Tip! When sending in an email ticket, please include your Alert Solutions user name and school name within the body of the message to assist with triage and faster response.


Thank you.




(Contact's Name)

(Contact's Title)

(School's Name)

(School's Email)

(School's Phone)

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