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Version 2.0 - How to Share Your Broadcasts on Social Media

Once the social media accounts are active, you will be able to post broadcasts instantly during the ‘create new message’ process.

After you have created your email, voice, and/or text message, users will then be asked if they want to share their broadcast on social media. If the answer is no, simply click the ‘No Thanks’ button.

If the answer is yes, simply click the ‘Share’ button.


The screen below on the left will then appear. Simply click on the social media icon(s) you wish to post the broadcast to. The icons will then appear in color as shown in the screen below on the right.


Note: Only the social media accounts that were activated in Settings will appear in the above screens. To learn how to activate your social media accounts in Settings, click here.  All sharing on social media is controlled by security settings. If it is not activated, the user will not be able to share on social media.��

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