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Version 2.0 - How to Access and Update Contact Preferences

One of the features of the Contacts tab is the ability to manage opt-in and opt-out preferences for message categories, as well as to review subscriber data available for messaging, when needed. 

1. Once you log into Alert Solutions, simply click on the ‘Contacts’ tab in the top navigation menu.



2. Then, click on the ‘Search’ tab.


3. Using the appropriate criteria, search for an individual’s contact record.



4. Select the appropriate student, teacher, staff or community contact by clicking the ‘Edit’ tool (“pen and paper” icon) to the left of their name.



 5. After clicking on this icon, you can make adjustments to communication preferences on a per-category basis on the ‘Contact Preferences’ tab. You can delete contact fields from a message category or you can drag and drop contact fields into a message category.



6. There is also a ‘Subscriber Information’ tab visible here.  This tab can be used for the following:


·        To review contact information pulled from PowerSchool for students and staff.

·        To update custom contacts from within Alert Solutions.   


IMPORTANT: Unless accessing data from your custom contact lists, updates to actual contact data should always be done directly within PowerSchool and then allowed to sync to Alert Solutions to ensure your PowerSchool data stays up-to-date.

Note: Data from PowerSchool sync will overwrite any data changes made directly within Alert Solutions.

When you are finished making adjustments, click the ‘Save Preferences’ button.

Tip!  Parents can access this same page in the PowerSchool Parent Portal and, if allowed, request data updates.  Any changes made to the Parent Portal take effect immediately for any messages sent that day.

In order to ensure changes are not overwritten from your PowerSchool sync, use the Public Portal tab in your Settings to be notified of these changes and to ensure the data is also updated in the appropriate PowerSchool contact fields, manually.

To be informed of updates to the Parent Portal for consideration and manual update in your PowerSchool fields, enter email address(es) for alert via the Settings section of Alert Solutions 2, found under the right-hand drop down, and choose Public Portal.

From the Public Portal, enter one or many email addresses, distribution lists, et cetera, to have individuals or groups be informed of updates based on student ID and subscriber information.

If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact Customer Support directly at (800) 929-1643 x1 or submit a ticket by emailing


Thank you.

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