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Version 2.0 - Troubleshooting Unexpected Issues: How to Access, Review and Update Non-Fatal Data Errors

At times, you will find that some contact data fields fed from PowerSchool to your Alert Solutions 2 sync are not feeding over properly from your All Students and /or All Staff syncs.

One of the most common reasons this occurs is due to non-fatal errors that require updating in PowerSchool before your next scheduled sync.

To view non-fatal errors that require updating to PowerSchool before your next sync, start by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the school name, then select Import Data.


Choose the error file for the impacted students and/or staff. This file will download as a CSV, similar to the below example:


The file will advise which fields need updating in PowerSchool. This will prevent the non-fatal error from occurring, going forward. 

 Common errors include:

  • Multiple Email Addresses in One Field
  • Incomplete Phone Number
  • Email Address Missing Domain (


Once completed in PowerSchool, you will have successfully resolved non-fatal data errors using Alert Solutions 2’s Import Data menu option for reference and allowing for next scheduled sync.

If you wish to do an unscheduled sync between PowerSchool and Alert Solutions, to ensure that the updated data is immediately available, go to the drop-down arrow next to the school name, then select Scheduled Alerts.

From here, click on the ‘Run Now’ button next to the applicable sync.

Tip! It is best practice to allow 30 seconds between an unscheduled sync for All Students, followed by All Staff to ensure that you do not cause an unintentional error in syncing between the two systems.

If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact Customer Support directly at (800) 929-1643 x1 or submit a ticket by emailing

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