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Version 2.0 - How to Use Activities-Based Contact Lists in Creating a Message

By combining PowerSchool’s Activities set-up in conjunction with a current student selection, you can build contact lists for students participating in a variety of clubs, sports and other extracurricular events.

First, select the school building under which you wish to set-up activities.  Next, scroll to the Setup header on your left navigation and choose School:


Choose ‘Activities Setup’ under the ‘General’ section:


 Select ‘New’ to add activities desired and link it to the desired field:

Then, go to the appropriate student’s page and check the activities in which they are active:

Within student search, do a field search in the format of activity name=1. In the below example, the activity name is “band”.

You may either choose to save the selection as a saved search or stored selection in your PowerSchool. You may also determine to do this as a current selection each time.

You are now ready to develop and send out your message using current student selection or stored search.  To review how to develop your message using either of these methods, click here to view an instructional video.

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