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SwiftK12 – How to Access the SwiftK12 Standalone Site

In addition to accessing SwiftK12 through PowerSchool, authorized users also have the ability to access integrated messaging capabilities through the SwiftK12 standalone site (  Preferred browser types for the standalone site are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Once you receive your temporary password to access both the mobile app as well as the standalone site from your PowerSchool Administrator, go to Simply enter in your PowerSchool login, followed by the temporary password, and the customer code provided by your PowerSchool Administrator.  Press Login.

That’s it! You now have access to the same functionality and PowerSchool synced data as you do in SwiftK12, including creating and sending new alerts, sending your developed Quick Alerts, and managing your scheduled alerts. 

Tip! It is recommended to go to the Password button in the main menu within the standalone site to change your password after initial login to something that will be easy to remember.

For information on how to create a message using SwiftK12, click here. You are also encouraged to attend the “SwiftK12: Basic Training” session offered by Alert Solutions. Please sign up via and choose training type “SwiftK12: Basic Training.”

If you have additional questions or need additional assistance, please contact Support at You may also select Live Online Help from the Live HELP! Menu in SwiftK12 when in PowerSchool, if you are experiencing issues during the available times of online assistance. 

Tip! When sending in an email ticket, please include your PowerSchool user name and school name within the body of the message to assist with triage and faster response.

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