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Version 2.0 - How to Access the 2.0 Standalone Site

In addition to accessing Alert Solutions 2 through PowerSchool, end users also have the ability to access integrated messaging capabilities through the Version 2.0 standalone site.

Preferred browser types for the standalone site are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If PowerSchool is inaccessible, Version 2.0 users can access our standalone portal at  (Canadian Customers from any Internet connected device.

Login using your username and password – the same information you used to establish your single sign-on within PowerSchool.

That’s it! You now have access to the same functionality and PowerSchool synced data as you do in Alert Solutions 2, including creating and sending messages, sending your developed Quick Broadcasts, and managing your scheduled alerts. 

For information on how to create a message using Alert Solutions 2, click here. You are also encouraged to attend the “Version 2.0_PowerSchool Integration: Basic Training” session offered by Alert Solutions. Please sign up via and choose training type “Version 2.0_PowerSchool Integration: Basic Training.”

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