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Speak Up! Module - User Guide

Thank you for choosing Speak Up!. Speak Up! is advanced anti-bullying monitoring and management platform that enables students, parents and community members to anonymously report bullying and cyberbullying incidents while providing staff members with a two-way communication method to instantly respond and address the incident.

The Speak Up! platform can be used for any type of anonymous reporting.  For those also using PowerSchool, the system can be directly integrated into the admin portal. If your school does not utilize PowerSchool, then Speak Up! is accessible via this link:

How it works is simple:

Students are able to use a unique telephone number assigned to your school and leave a voice message or send a text message.  A designated school official is then alerted of the new message and is able to view the message and reply   back to the individual. Each incoming call or text is assigned a unique ID representing the caller.  That unique ID is then used to store all other incoming calls and text messages from the same number.  The incoming phone number is hidden to ensure anonymous reporting. Multiple messages from the same number will be stored under the same unique ID and replies will show as a thread under the same conversation.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through Speak Up!. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 929-1643 or by email at Training for Speak Up! may be scheduled online at

Basic Setup


1.       To get started, begin by logging into or click the Speak Up! link within PowerSchool.


        a.       Enter your Username and Password provided by Alert Solutions.


2.       There are a few basic setup steps to complete the first time you log in. 

a.       First, choose the preferred alert method when a message is received.  You may choose SMS and/or Email alerts.

i. Check SMS for Text Messaging and enter a valid Cell Number in the following format: 5551231234  

   Please enter numbers with no special characters. Entering characters like ( ) or - will result in a notice of invalid phone number.

ii. Check Email for Email alerts and enter a valid email address. 

b.       Second, choose how long you would like to store archived messages. 

            i. Choose either the number of days to store messages or choose to store them indefinitely. 

c.       When you are satisfied with your settings, please click ‘Submit’. These settings may be updated at any time by clicking the Settings link in the upper right hand corner.

 Note: Your school’s Speak Up! Contact Numbers are also located in settings. These contact numbers should be distributed to your students and their families to report incidents anonymously.


Receiving Messages


1.       We recommend testing the system to ensure familiarity with responding prior to receiving real messages.  To do so, simply call or text your Speak Up! contact number. If you are unsure of your number, please see Settings referenced in step 2 above.

               a.       When a message is received, the designated alert contact will receive an email and/or text based on the settings entered previously.

Email Sample

                      b.      Any message received will display under Active Messages.

 c.       To view the message, simply click View.  If the file is audio, you may select Play Audio File to download the file and listen. The date and time the messages are received are recorded.

Responding to Messages

1.       To respond to the message, first click View.

                       a.       If the message is an audio file, you may choose to record your reply. First, enter the phone number the system would call to record the reply. Enter the phone number in                                                  5551231234 format. Then, click Record Reply and you will receive a call at the number provided to record the response desired.

 b.      If the message is a text, simply type in the response desired and click Send.

Managing Messages

1.       Messages sent to and from the same number will be stored in a thread format for easy viewing.

                       a.       You have the ability to Delete or Send to Archive messages received.  Deleted messages cannot be retrieved, while archived messages can be retrieved for the time frame                                             chosen and shown in Settings.


b.      You may also click on the Sender ID number to view a history of all messages from that number.

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