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Version 2.0 - Creating a Quick Broadcast

How to Create a Quick Broadcast template

Alert Solutions’ Quick Broadcast feature in Version 2.0 enables PowerSchool users to create and store templates for easy access. This is a great function to use for recurring messages such as school closures, school delays and regularly-scheduled meetings/practices.  

Tip!  We recommend developing separate templates for each of these instances for easier access via the Home screen as well as to ensure the message content continually meets the needs of the intended situation. For example, develop a separate template for a school closure occurring on next school day, and another template for a school closure announced same day.

Start by clicking the ‘Quick Broadcast’ link in the top navigation menu.

Once you are in the Quick Broadcast feature, click the ‘New Template’ button.

You will then be asked to select the list(s) of contacts you want to receive the message.

Simply check the box next to the list(s) you want and click ‘Finish’ in the bottom corner of the pop-up window. 

You will need to set the date and time of the message in the middle of the next window.

Next select the Category the message will fall in.

You will need to give the message a name. This is an internal name used to you can quickly identify messages.

You will notice the ‘Insert Merge Field’ option to the right of the ‘Message Name’ field. This will allow you to place dynamic content into the message.

For example: If you insert First_Name, each message will be customized with the first name of the person.

The message content box is where you will enter the message you wish to send.

You can enter one message in the content box and have it sent for each message channel. You can also customize each message channel specifically by clicking the ‘Edit’ button underneath each channel.

Once you are satisfied with your Quick Broadcast, click the ‘Save Quick Broadcast Template’ button on the bottom right-hard corner of your screen.

You will then be prompted to select an icon to identify your Quick Broadcast Template and enter a ‘Display Name’. The ‘Display Name’ is an internal name of preferably no more than 10 characters used so you can quickly identify messages.

Once you have selected your icon and filled out the ‘Display Name’ field, click Save.

You will then be taken back to the Home screen. You will now see the Quick Broadcast we just created in the Quick Broadcast message box at top of your screen.


The first five Quick Broadcast templates that you develop will be listed on the Home screen under Quick Broadcasts. In order to review all of the Quick Broadcast templates that you have developed, click on the more… section of the Quick Broadcast box, as well as by clicking on the Quick Broadcast icon from the main menu.




 You have successfully developed a Quick Broadcast template using Alert Solutions 2.0.


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