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Version 2.0 - Sending Alerts via the IVR - Call, Record, and Send Voice Alerts by Phone

Sending Alerts via the IVR- Call, Record and Send Alerts by Phone

Alert Solutions provides a mechanism to call, record, and send voice alerts entirely by phone.  

The IVR system was designed for use when access to a computer may not be possible, and uses the default category in your Settings as message type. 

Tip!  If you suspect that recipients have opted out of receiving Voice channel communication from this particular category, we suggest revising your default category by adjusting settings to best fit your needs. See this article for more information.

The IVR # for US, Canada, and other countries may differ.  Please be sure to check your Contacts page within Alert Solutions to ensure you have the correct one.

Printable Files for IVR info:

United States

Each account has a unique password and username to utilize this service.  To access your unique logins, navigate to the Contacts tab at the top of Alert Solutions.

Note the number and username/pin displayed at the top of the list screen.

Also, make a note of the IVR number displayed next to each list.  You will need these to select the list you wish to send your alert to when calling.

When calling, follow the instructions on the call to record and submit your message.

If calling in the late evening, and you receive a message that your call can not be submitted, it is likely because you are past your designated call stop time.  This stop time may be adjusted in your settings.  The stop time is a safety feature to ensure that you do not accidentally send calls later than you would like.  See this article for adjusting settings to best fit your needs.

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