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Version 2.0 – FAQ: Why do some SMS text alerts have extra words (ASI Alerts) at the beginning?

Text messages may begin with automatic text not included in the character count from development of your messages.  This depends on the specific account setup and most often reads ASI Alerts: followed by message content.  However, this prefaced text can be customized or removed, altogether.

Best practice: If customizing the prefixed text, we recommend shortened text, such as abbreviations or acronyms for the school or district name, to conserve character count.

Contact us at if you would like changes to this setting.   Please specify the change you would like with your request. If you have additional questions regarding best practices including changes to this setting or any of the features tied to Alert Solutions 2, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at (800) 929-1643, option 1 or via email at

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