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Version 2.0 - How to enable Teacher Messaging

Alert Solutions’  PowerTeacher Messaging Integration allows clients who have purchased this upsell module to enable multi-channel message creation for teachers to communicate with students and parents via our 2.0 system.

Tip! Don’t have PowerTeacher Messaging enabled for your district/schools? Download our brochure or inquire with your Sales Representative today to activate this module within your Alert Solutions 2.0 Communication Suite.

Once PowerTeacher Messaging is enabled for your district and school(s), please send a list of teachers along with their building affiliation to your Account Manager using the following CSV template format: FirstName; LastName; JobTitle; BPhone; Email.

Note: If you have teachers who work at two or more buildings each semester, we will be setting up their IDs at the district level to allow for them to view classes at multiple buildings.

You may also find a sample CSV file for this purpose by clicking here.

Once your teachers have been installed and placed into their appropriate buildings by your Account Manager, and you have a listing of user names and passwords, please have all impacted teachers sign into their PowerTeacher accounts as they normally do.

Then, have them sign into their Alert Solutions 2 link from the Navigation screen using via the supplied user name and password credentials.

Once the teacher(s) have signed in with this method, and after your next available nightly sync (based on timing of the teacher sign-in), the teacher(s) will be able to view as available lists their classes where they are the lead teacher.

For information on how to create a message using PowerTeacher Messaging, click here

We also encourage end users of the product to attend our Basic Training session via

IMPORTANT: If you have teachers who move from one building to another each semester, please inform your Account Manager so that they may walk you through on how to migrate the teachers appropriately and perform necessary “end of year” duties and syncs for these impacted teachers.

If you have any questions on developing PowerTeacher Messaging, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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