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Version 2.0 - ASI Mobile App User Guide



Thank you for choosing Alert Solutions’ ASI Mobile App! Launching parent alerts and notifications just got easier. ASI Mobile is a convenient new mobile version of Alert Solutions’ web-based notification system.

This mobile app provides PowerSchool users with direct access to their Alert Solutions account from any Android or iOS device.

With ASI Mobile, school administrators can create, launch and monitor email, voice and SMS text messages within this secure app.


The first step to using ASI Mobile is to find it in your smart phone’s store (e.g. iTunes App Store, Google Play, etc.). Simply search ‘ASI-Mobile’ or ‘Alert Solutions’ within the store to locate the app. Once installed, you can send out an alert within seconds from wherever you are.

This is a must-have app for every school administrator!

If you are familiar with Alert Solutions within your PowerSchool application, you will feel right at home in ASI Mobile.

USA & International
ASI Mobile for iOS ASI Mobile for iOS
ASI Mobile App for Android ASI Mobile App for Android


Once ASI Mobile is installed, you are ready to get started! When you click on the app’s icon you will be prompted to provide a username and password. Simply type in the login credentials* provided by your Alert Solutions’ Account Manager and click ‘LOGIN’.

*Note: These login credentials are the same login credentials you use to access Alert Solutions within your PowerSchool Application.


After you login, you will be taken to the Main Screen. This screen will list all of your most recent broadcasts and the status of those broadcasts. This screen will also show the status of any new broadcasts you create and send.


You should always review your Account Settings* prior to creating and sending any broadcast alert. 

This is to ensure all voice messages use the appropriate Caller ID and all email alerts use the correct Display Name and email address.

Simply click on the Gear icon in the upper-left-hand corner of the app to review your Account Settings.


*Note: These Account Settings are the same Account Settings from your Alert Solutions’ web-based notification system within PowerSchool.

These settings can be changed or modified at any time. If they are changed or modified within ASI Mobile, they will be updated in the web-based notification system and vice versa.



Once you have reviewed your settings, you are ready to create a broadcast alert!  After your initial login, the ASI Mobile app will automatically direct you to the Main Screen where you can begin to create your broadcast alert.

Simply click on the ‘Create New Broadcast’ button at the bottom of your screen to get started!


You will then be taken to the Message Options screen. Users need to enter a broadcast name and select a message type(s) to move on to the next step.


1. Provide a Broadcast Name (required)

This is simple! Create an alert name that describes the type of message you are sending. For example, ‘Delayed Opening’. 

2. Schedule Date & Schedule Time

Select the date and time you want your message to be sent. If you do not adjust the date and time fields, the message will be launched immediately.

3. Select Message Category

Select the category the message will fall in. For example, ‘General Alert’.

4. Select Message Type(s) (required)

Select the type or types of messages you would like to send by touching the communication channel(s) you want to send with. Once selected, they will turn green. To turn off a channel, touch the channel again and it will turn off.

When finished, simply click ‘Next’ at the bottom of your screen.


List Selection

Next, select the list or lists you would like to send your message to by touching the list name.  Once selected, they will turn green. To turn off a list, touch the list name again and it will turn off.


When you are finished selecting your list(s), simply click ‘Next’ at the bottom of your screen.

Remember! You can always click the ‘Back’ button to go back and make changes prior to sending your broadcast alert.


Message Content

The Message Content screen is where you type in the content of the message you are getting ready to send.

Remember! If you are sending a text message over 160 characters, multiple text messages will be sent.


Current Broadcast Details

This section of the screen is an overview of the message you have just created. It reviews the Broadcast Name, the Date and Time it is scheduled to be launched, the Message Category, the Communication Channels you selected and the List(s) you are sending the message to.

Once you have reviewed your broadcast details, your message is ready to go! Simply click ‘Send’!



Alert Solutions provides comprehensive technical support services for ASI Mobile.  Technical support is offered 24/7/365 at no additional cost.  All customer support personnel are dedicated to your school and are trained specifically to support your messaging needs. 

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