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Version 2.0 - Preparing for an Unexpected School Closure or Delay – 5 Tips!

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Alert Solutions understands how quickly school administrators need to act in the event of an unexpected closure or delay. 

Here are a few preparation tips from our Account Management Team:

1. Send a Message with Alert Solutions' New ASI Mobile App!

Alert Solutions’ ASI Mobile App for PowerSchool Users allows you to send email, voice and SMS text messages directly from your smart phone.  Better yet, because it’s part of Version 2.0 of Alert Solutions’ Communication Suite, ASI Mobile still enables schools to instantly access contact information stored within their PowerSchool application.

To learn how to create and launch alerts with the ASI Mobile App, click here.

*Available on any iOS or Android device. 

2. Access Version 2.0 Standalone

If PowerSchool is inaccessible, Version 2.0 users can access our standalone portal at (Canadian Customers from any Internet connected device*. Login using your username and password – the same information you used to establish your single sign-on within PowerSchool.

*Our recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

3. Create Quick Broadcast Templates

Alert Solutions’ Quick Broadcast feature in Version 2.0 enables PowerSchool users to create and store templates for school closures or delays for easy access. This is also a great function to use for recurring messages.To learn how to create a Quick Broadcast template, follow these instructions.

4. Use the IVR System

Alert Solutions provides a way for PowerSchool users to launch voice calls via a toll-free number from any mobile phone or landline.  This IVR system was designed for use when access to a computer or another Internet connected device may not be possible. To ensure your staff members have access to the correct IVR information, download these Printable IVR Cards:

US Customers: IVR cards

Canadian Customers: IVR cards

To learn how to use the IVR System, follow these instructions.


5. Confirm List Backup Process Is Updated

Simply confirm your list backup processes are updated and running regularly for the District Office.

To do this, start by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the school name, then select Scheduled Alerts.

Click on ‘Task History’ to see if these processes are running correctly or have errors.

If the Status says ‘Error’, click on the ‘Task ID’ to determine why the error occurred.

To correct the error, click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the applicable sync.

If you need assistance in resolving the error, please contact Customer Support at (800) 929-1643 x1 or via email at

Tip! Did you know that you can be notified of errors automatically? Sign up using Notification Emails.

To receive email error alerts when there is a problem, click on the box that reads: ‘Email me error alerts when there is a problem’.

To receive email summaries each time the alert is sent, click on the box that reads: ‘Email me a summary each time the task is executed’.


To view non-fatal errors that require updating to PowerSchool before your next sync, start by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the school name, then select Import Data.


Choose the error file for the impacted students and/or staff. This file will download as a CSV.

The file will advise which fields need updating in PowerSchool. This will prevent the non-fatal error from occurring. 

Common errors include:

  •  Multiple Email Addresses in One Field
  • Incomplete Phone Number
  • Email Address Missing Domain (


If you have any other questions, please contact your Account Manager. 

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