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Version 2.0 - Navigating Reporting Activity & Help from Main Dashboard

Here is what the Main Dashboard looks like:

As you can see from the screenshot above, we relocated the Quick Broadcasts box to the top of the screen. The Recent Broadcast Activity box is directly below Quick Broadcasts and now expands the full length of the screen to include the new Social Media channels. To learn how to set-up the social media integration tool, click here.

Alert Solutions News

This box shares the three most recent news posts and give you the option to click the ‘More’ link to see older news posts.

Quick Broadcasts Area

This box will shares the first five of your created Quick Broadcasts and gives you the option to click the ‘More’ link to see all of the Quick Broadcasts.

Recent Broadcast Activity

The Activity box places all of your broadcasts into one line and highlights the channels used for the broadcast. If you sent a message using a particular channel, the channel icon will appear in color. If you did not use a particular channel, the channel icon will appear greyed out.

This screen will contain all of the broadcasts sent out when you select either Create New Message in Alert Solutions 2, Create New Broadcast in the ASI mobile app, or use the Quick Broadcast tool.


To view reporting for one of your broadcasts, simply click anywhere on the broadcast and the box will expand to show you the results for each channel. If you would like to see detailed reporting, simply click on any of the blue highlighted numbers.


 Viewing Automated Alerts or Report Card Reporting Activity

To view recent automated alerts (Daily Attendance or Lunch Alerts) or report card reporting, click on the ‘Show All Broadcasts’ button on the right of the new Activity box.


This will show you all Recent Order Activity and looks identical to the old Activity box (shown below). 


Remember: Automated Alerts and Report Card reporting can only be seen in this section.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Broadcast

A Cancel button is located to the right of each scheduled broadcast within the Activity box. When the Cancel button is selected, it will cancel all channels and prevent the entire broadcast from being delivered. There is no way to cancel individual channels.



Help Menu

The Help menu option allows you to access the support phone number, create a new support ticket or access helpful resources such as the Alert Solutions’ Knowledge Base for user guides and help videos, as well as a link to book a training session.


If you need any assistance or have questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at (800) 929-1643 or via email at

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